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New Head of UN Women Talks about Her Plans for the Entity (

    Former President of Chile, Michele Bachelet will be in charge of UN Women. Her main goal for this position is to use her work experience with her connections with many heads of states and head of government to help women and girls secure there future goals.

Oprah Winfrey (

Oprah Winfrey is the “billionaire queen of daytime television.” She is the founder of Harpo Productions, “O” magazine, and is working on her own cable channel. Her successful talk show has only a few more episodes left until it ends.

Capturing Women’s Tennis in Slow Motion (

 The successful women of tennis include big names such as Kim Clijisters, Serena Williams, Venus Williams and many more. This article also included beautiful pictures and videos that captured the strength and beauty of these athletes.

Female Reporters in Male Sports World (

  Jenni Carlson is part of the board of the Association for Women in sports Media and is also a sports columnist at The Oklahoman. Her greatest accomplishment to date is as the first women to write a general interest sports column in the newspaper’s history. She reports that for the most part she has been treated the same way any other male sport’s writer gets treated by the athletes.

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