Gender News September 2, 2010

Afghan Women: Fearing a Taliban Future (

Afghan women provide insight into why they are hesitant about governmental changes, including the Taliban, and the influence of western donors in Afghanistan. Case examples of the decline of girls’ schooling in the area and violence against women are discussed as well.

In Latin America, a Harbinger of Women’s Rights (

In spite of the historical issues with homosexuality in Argentina, same-sex couples have been granted the right to marry as well as adopt children in the country. Argentina is one of only nine nations to extend this right to gays and lesbians and many hope this change is the beginning to a more progressive future.

In Egypt, Women Have Burdens but No Privileges (

Women in Egypt find themselves working while still facing the additional burdens associated with her gender. The rise in female workers has not afforded women better opportunities when viewing the larger societal picture.

Crime (Sex) and Punishment (Stoning) (

A punishment, where a woman was sentenced to be stoned to death due to being convicted of adultery, gives rise to the question of whether past criminal punishment procedures are still applicable in modern times, given the current efforts of women to establish equal human rights.

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